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Fire Safety Inspection

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We do all types of chimney repairs and chimney relining and Water Leaks Repair

We repair water damaged chimneys.


Whether your chimney is used to Vent a fireplace, woodstove, or a furnace, most have sections of clay flue tile stacked one above the other inside your chimney to form a liner called the flue. The flue is the system that allows the smoke to leave the chimney system at the top of the chimney. The flue liner should be tightly sealed to protect the integrity and efficiency of your chimney. Over time, hidden dangers can develop that will compromise the safety and efficiency of your chimney system.


The combustion process creates noxious gases that can contain creosote/soot, carbon monoxide, and corrosive chemicals. The purpose of our chimney is to safely vent these hazardous flue gases from your home. The joints between the flue tiles are usually sealed with mortar to keep these gases within the flue. Over time, the mixture of heat, moisture and the chemicals will erode the mortar out from between the flue tiles joints. This leads to big gaps or missing joint material between the flue tiles and can create an unsafe system to use


Flue tiles crack due to "sudden occurrences" such as a chimney fire, lightning strike, or seismic event. Cracks may also be caused by poor workmanship or settling of your home. Sometimes a cracked flue tile is installed during the construction phase while building a home. Cracked or broken flue tile make your chimney unsafe to use.


Years of exposure to corrosive chemicals and moisture from combustion can attack clay flue tiles, causing pieces of the flue liner to flake off or delaminate. Another unsafe condition.


We reline most chimneys with a produce call Heat Shield. We can resurface the original liner with Heat Shield so that you have one continuous flue system the total length of your chimney system. Sootbusters is a certified Heat Shield Installer. Check out the website at We also install clay flue liners or reline chimneys with Stainless Steel liners if they need to be relined with that material. We don’t recommend Stainless Steel liners for many reasons. Most of the time the Stainless liners aren’t installed properly or can cause smoking problems because they can reduce your system down. We also do repairs on Crowns (top of your chimney), Flashing Repairs (area where the chimney goes thru the roof), Water sealers, Dampers, Firebox repair, Lintels and Smoke shelve repairs. Most of the repairs to the chimney are done after the damage has been found. We also do preventive maintenance repairs to prevent costly repairs that will occur a few years down the road. We do Brick work as well as Tuck Pointing on brick chimneys as well as replacing Spaulding Bricks.