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Smokeshelf Repairs

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Your Smoke Shelf (the area right above the damper plate) should not have any holes, Cracks or weak mortar joints in it.

There is a good chance your chimney is probably built with bricks that have anywhere from 3 to 10 holes in it. These bricks are also used inside your chimney when they build your Smoke Shelf. The holes and the any cracks inside your Smoke Shelf can lead to other areas that might have combustible around it. As your use your fireplace and heat travels up your chimney, Heat will travel (migrate) thru these cracks and holes to any combustible material and over time the moisture inside any of the combustible material will continue to dry out and eventually ignite. This is especially true in older homes that have bad areas in the smoke shelf that have been used allot. Over the years this process of heat migration has been taking place and drying out the combustibles.

You might be able to use your fireplace 20 more years before something happens or it might just ignite the next time you use it. We can inspect your system and advice you accordingly to the conditions of your Smoke Shelf.