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If you do not have a chimney cap on your chimney you need one. They keep water out of the chimney system. (see water leaks on our website)

They keep animals and birds out of the chimney. (see animal removal on our website)

They keep sparks and embers contained inside of your chimney. If you should ever have a chimney fire the sparks and burning creosote are kept inside of your chimney and not out on your roof or in your yard.

We only sell stainless steel or copper chimney caps. They have a lifetime warrenty rust or corrosion. In the past 25 years I have only had to go back to a hand full of customers houses to put them back on because they blew off and this was because of a tornado or a tree limb knocked them off. They a bolted onto the flue liner.

Our caps can also help to prevent downdrafts into the chimney that would create a smoking problem.

We don't recommend the ones you can buy locally that are painted black because of the following reasons:

1: The wire mesh is so small that when the creosote from your fires start to build up on the mesh it will reduce the opening down quickly causing smoking problems.

2: Most of these same black caps to not offer the much rain protection from driven rains as ours do.

3: Some of these Chimney Caps are not bolted onto the chimney. They are spring loaded and are easily blown off. That is all that is holding them on the chimney, the pressure of these springs

4: Some of these same caps have a peak on them and can funnel updrafts down into the chimney creating smoking problems.