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Sootbusters is accredited by the Better Business Bureau
When Soot Busters Chimney Services come to your home to look at your chimney, we will look for structural soundness, fire code violations, and problems that may come up in the future due to the condition of your chimney today.

We are a locally owned and operated chimney service company. Soot Busters has been cleaning and inspecting chimneys in the Chattanooga area since 1987.

All our chimney cleanings or service calls include a level one inspection according to the NFPA code book 211 and the Chimney Safety Institute of America. We also offer a Level 2 video scan, should your chimney need it.

We are a full service chimney company. We can take care of all your chimney needs from inspection, to cleaning, to relining and repairs or any water damage you may have. Put your chimney in the hands of a professional. Give us a call.